Corporate Detailing

Many companies maintain fleets of vehicles, and many offer corporate or “company cars” to certain employees who travel regularly as a part of their job. One of the most efficient ways to show your employees your appreciation for the work they do – while saving money on necessarily routine maintenance in the process – is to offer on-site corporate detailing to your company’s vehicles. We will work with you to schedule our basic detailing package at a time that is convenient for you and your employees. We’ll visit your corporate campus, and do all of our usual work – at a 25% discount.

What is Corporate Detailing?

  • All of our usual services are made available at a discount rate. We visit your company, and provide on-site services for your convenience. Our friendly and courteous administrative staff will happily work with you to schedule the servicing for a time and frequency that best fits your convenience.
  • Detailed vehicles are classy. Even non-enthusiasts look twice at a car or a truck that has received expert-level detailing. It’s hard not to be impressed! This is an invaluable benefit to a company that will often make its first impression through the cars it provides its employees.

Chase Detailing for the Absolute Best in Service

  • Most of our services are still available off-site. This means that we are available to provide high quality detail work to your corporate vehicles throughout much of the state of Oklahoma.
  • Our 25% discount for corporate detailing in no way impacts the level of quality, service, or professionalism that we offer. At Chase Detailing, we’re all automotive enthusiasts. We enjoy what we do for a living, and every vehicle receives top-quality attention… whether on site, or in our fully equipped shop locations.
  • We use the best tools, the highest quality materials, and expert professionals with years of individual experience at automotive detailing and maintenance. We rely heavily on that combination of enthusiasm and expert skill that only a true enthusiast possesses, and you’ll see it in all of our finished results.

Give Chase Detailing a Call!

If you’ve got company cars or trucks in need of attention, give us a call at (405) 458-4444, or fill out our convenient form and get on the fast track to a free quote for Chase Detailing’s services. We’ll take assignments of any proportion on location, and we are always available at your convenience.