Maintenance Detailing

Let’s get right down to it: you’re visiting an automotive detailing website. In fact, you’re looking at the services offered by one of the best car and truck detailing companies in Oklahoma. It goes without saying that you love your car – and that you want to keep it looking like new. With our innovative and industry-leading maintenance detailing techniques, that’s exactly what the experienced and professional automotive detailing team at Chase Detailing has to offer

Chase Detailing: For the Best Detailing in Oklahoma

  • We employ only 100% certified and licensed professionals, with intensive background checks performed before hiring. Your vehicle is in good hands with Chase!
  • Everyone who works for Chase Detailing is a car or truck enthusiast. We’ve all got our passions. We all enjoy the fine skill involved in automotive detailing. For us, this is more than just a job: it’s about doing what we enjoy, every day.
  • Our experienced professionals are up on all of the latest training, tools, and techniques. Our shops have all of the finest tools and materials to work with. We have everything we need to make your car or truck look and feel like it’s brand new!

What is Maintenance Detailing?

  • Maintenance detailing consists of finely detailed, highly skilled workmanship applied to affect repairs on the parts of your car that need it – and to avoid those that don’t.
  • Maintenance detailing consists of an ongoing series of detail work, depending upon your vehicle’s particular needs. It won’t be the same for every car or truck. It won’t cost the same; some cars need more work than others, but you can expect to save about $50 per visit over our competitors’ prices – without sacrificing quality.
  • Factors which contribute to the price of a maintenance package include your vehicle’s make and model, availability of parts, and the condition your vehicle is in. For this reason, we offer a free, no-obligation evaluation of your vehicle, along with a free quote for our services.
  • We’ll get your car looking like it just rolled off the showroom floor… and running like an absolute dream. Many of our customers have told us that, after we’ve worked on their vehicles, they run better than when they were new. That’s simply the best quality workmanship that you’re going to find.

 Call Chase Detailing Today

If your car or truck is in need of some finely detailed work, don’t let things deteriorate further with an unnecessary delay. Our free evaluation comes with absolutely no obligation to purchase a package… but we think you’ll be pleased with what you hear! Give us a call at (405) 458-4444, or fill out our convenient form and get on the fast track to a free quote.