Fleet Detailing

Fleet Detailing

When your business involves a fleet of corporate vehicles, there are a number of things to consider with regard to their appearance. Your vehicles may be the first impression made upon intended clients, suppliers, and other business associates. You want your vehicles to be more than “in good shape” or “looking decent,” you want them to look their absolute best: they need to be clean, in excellent condition, and run flawlessly. This will help you to make the impression that you are a clean, detail-oriented, and highly professional business person.

What is Fleet Detailing?

  • All of our usual services are made available at a discount rate for bulk work. You’ll get the same quality and attention to detail from which all of our customers benefit, but at a reduced rate per vehicle.
  • High quality skilled work and attention to detail will help to ensure that your vehicles make the best impression upon everyone who sees them. With regular maintenance, we can have them looking clean and running smoothly.
  • We offer a free quote for all of our services; if you’re not sure, just schedule a free evaluation. We’ll take a look at what you’ve got, and tell you how much it’ll cost you. There’s no obligation to purchase – we’re just pretty confident that you’ll want to, once you see what we have to offer.

Consider Chase Detailing for Your Fleet of Vehicles

  • Your fleet is in good hands with Chase Detailing. We employ some of the most experienced and reputable professionals in Oklahoma – people who genuinely care about the quality of their work. Our employees are thoroughly background checked prior to hiring, and are 100% certified, well-trained, and insured.
  • For any fleet with four or more standard-size vehicles, including sedans and consumer trucks and SUVs, we offer a 15% discount on all of our basic work. Give us a try, and you’ll see why many of our customers continue bring their fleets (as well as their personal vehicles) to Chase Detailing, time and again.
  • We use the best tools, the highest quality materials, and quality professionals car detailing. We rely heavily on that combination of enthusiasm and expert skill that only a true enthusiast possesses.

Call Chase Detailing Today

If you’ve got a fleet of vehicles in need of attention, give us a call at (405) 458-4444, or fill out our convenient form and get on the fast track to a free quote. We’ll take on any job, of any size, regardless of how many vehicles you have, or what kind of shape they’re in. We’ll have your entire fleet looking like it just rolled off the showroom floor, at a fraction of what you’ll pay for the same level of quality elsewhere.