Leather Washing Tips in Norman, OK

Hey everybody welcome back to another one of our videos. Today we’re going to be talking about leather cleaning and conditioning, how important it is especially when you spend upwards of $30, $40, $50 maybe $75,000 on a car. Cars are one of the second most expensive things you’re ever going to buy, next to your house probably. So it’s important to take care of and properly maintain your leather in your car. Now what we use is we use 2 different products for doing this. We have a cleaner conditioner, we have a brush, we have our microfiber applicator pad, and our microfiber towel. These seats aren’t dirty. In fact they have just been cleaned and conditioned not too long ago. So unfortunately I’m not going to be able to show you how much dirt it lifts off, but I will show you the process that we go through when you purchase our leather cleaning conditioning package.

So the first thing we’re going to do here is we’re going to take our leather cleaner. This is a specific formula designed specifically for leather, so it protects it while cleaning it the same time. Now we’re going to take this and we’re going to spray a liberal amount. I know it’s hard to see, so bear with us. So we’re going to spray a liberal amount on the seat. Now the seat is covered in cleaner, and you can’t see it I’ll move the camera here in a second, so you can see it a little bit better. We’re going to take our hog hair brush. Now you’re going to want a brush that’s not going to damage the leather, scratch it in anyway. But simply gently lift that dirt away from it. Be sure to kind of move back and forth, and get that agitated. You can go in circles if you like. Sometimes spray a little bit more.

You can kind of see that it is getting wet, it’s cleaning. It’s kind of soaking in; you don’t want to let it do that. One of the key things you do not want to do with this is let it dry on the leather. So you have to move quickly. So once you’ve got that dirt agitated, you want to take your microfiber pad or your microfiber cloth, and just wipe it up. Now that we’ve cleaned your leather, unfortunately some of the necessary oils have been stripped from the leather, to kind of maintain over time. So you want to replace that, you want to provide that conditioner back into your leather. So that way over time it can maintain its supple leather feel. Now the most important thing you need here is a microfiber pad. This is where that comes in handy. You’re going to take the conditioner. What I like to do is just put a strip and strip. So I put 3 different strips of conditioner on my pad, and just kind of dot it around the seat.
So you can see I just kind of place different little areas of conditioner, just kind of dot it around the seat. That way I can get an even spread of my product. Now my conditioner is on my seat, I’m going to take the microfiber pad and just kind of work it in back and forth over the seat. Now those little areas I can make sure I have an even spread, and work it back and forth and over the seat. This way your leather can be maintained over years to come. Keep your car spelling perfectly new and your leather feeling perfectly new as well. My name is Nicholas Chase. If you have any questions about the process, or any questions about how we clean your leather, feel free to contact me. Our number is 918-520-9766. Or you can visit our website at chasedeltailing.com. Thank you guys so much for watching.