Waterless Car Wash: Tips From Local OK Expert

How is it going everybody? My name is Nicholas. I’m the owner of Chase Detailing, a mobile detailing company here in Oklahoma City which service the Oklahoma City, Edmond, Norman and Moore areas. So if you are in those areas and like a car detailed at the convenience of your home, give us a call. Or visit our website at chasedetailing.com. I’ve got a lot of questions about the way we clean cars, and the way we detail your car, and the way we wash your car. I kind of want to go over that in the video, just so that way everyone can understand exactly what it is we offer. We provide a waterless car wash in Oklahoma. This is an environmentally friendly way to clean your car. A great way to clean cars in the winter time, when you don’t have access to water or just a great way to clean your car in general.

It’s our preferred method, the only way we clean your car. If you visit our frequently asked question page, you’ll see that we do not use harsh power washers on your car. We want to care for your paint the best way we can, without creating any scratches. So the way we do that is with the waterless car wash. Now I want to show you exactly what we use, that way you can understand. When we show up to your place to detail your car, we have one of these with us. This is called an atomizer, and within it we have our waterless car wash formula. So the way we go about that to wash your car, I have my own personal ca here to kind of show you. Here in Oklahoma we just got done with this huge snow storm. As you know with snow storms comes salt, sand, everything else they put on the road to help people from crashing into each other. So my car is covered with dirt right now. You can see it’s a white car, covered in the different areas. You’ll be able to see the difference of clean verses dirty in just a second.

So the waterless car wash what we do we take this, and shake it up a little bit to kind of get it mixed up and we spray your car. You kind of see it going to work there already. Now what this is going to do without even agitating or brushing it, what the formula is going to do is just going to get in there and it’s going to loosen that sand and loosen that dirt right out. So that way it’s going to come off real easy. Now the most important part of this whole process is to have one of these, is a premium microfiber towel. I’ve folded mine in half and then in two. Of course this is one of the most important steps, if you are going to attempt to do this by yourself. Now I’ll show you why. Now we’ve given this a moment to soak so that way it is probably pretty loose. We’re going to take this towel and we’re just going to wipe the dirt away.
Now this is what is going to come off of my car or your car, depending on how dirty it is. Immediately right now you can see the difference between where I wiped, and where I’ve not wiped. Now that this is clean, the next step I’m going to do I’m going to take this. I’m going to be sure not to touch this to my car. If I touch this to my car, it will create these little swirls. They’re called spider marks; you can see them in the sun on black cars the easiest. If you catch that light just right, just a bunch of swirls. We do not want to create those, so we’re going to keep this away from the car. Going to take this clean part and just wipe again, picking up anything I missed. Now the great thing about wireless car wash formula is that it actually has a little bit of Canova wax in it.

So while this is cleaning it’s also providing a thin layer of protection. Don’t get be wrong, it doesn’t replace the hand wax. It doesn’t replace any real wax you apply, but it does provide a thin layer of protection. So while that wax is kind of getting in there, just let it sit for a second. I’m going to take this on my clean side, again do not touch this to your car. Take the clean side and just rub that wax in, and you can definitely tell the difference between here and here. When we show up to detail your car, we’re going to do this to your entire car making sure your car is removed of all dirt. While protecting it with a thin layer of wax, and protecting it from any scratches that might come. I hope this video has cleared up any questions you have about how our waterless car wash works. If you have any more questions, please feel free to give me a call. Our number is 918-520-9766. Or you can visit our website at chasedetailing.com to view our various detailing packages, and services. Thank you guys for watching.