Mobile Car Detailing

We started Chase Detailing because of our love for cars. You just feel better when driving in a freshly detailed car. Paint shining, windows polished, the interior as fresh as the day you bought her.  A clean car is our lifeblood and we want nothing more than to give you that feeling every day. Schedule our team for a regularly scheduled detailing of your ride and never worry about being embarrassed by the state of your vehicle again.

Car Detailing services

Please see our Detailing Packages page for more information on everything included in your service. We customize our car detailing services to your vehicle, and there are a lot of variables. Make sure to check with our team if you have any questions.


We focus on cleaning:

  • exterior paint and siding
  • exterior light fixtures
  • front grill
  • exterior mirrors
  • doors and windows
  • back and front windshields
  • interior seats (leather or cloth)
  • console detailing
  • dash and air vents
  • way more!