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TIP: This page is strictly informational, you will be able to add any of these services to our detailing packages on the final check-out page.

Steam Clean Upgrade | $25*

A proper shampoo can do wonders for your interior, but there are situations where it’s not the best option. Depending on your upholstery it might be better to steam clean it instead. Feel free to add this upgrade yourself or we can make a recommendation in person.

Rubber Mat Conditioning | $25*

After seatbelts and mirrors, rubber mats are the next best thing for your car. They keep crumbs and stains at bay, but all that abuse can lead to some discoloration. Our conditioner can help restore your mats and be the cherry on top of your freshly detailed car.

Personal Item Removal | $15*

You may have seen that we ask you to take everything out of your car before we arrive. Maybe you forgot or maybe you just want a completely hands-off detailing experience, either way we will gladly take everything out for you, just add this to your package to cover the extra time!

Ceramic Soap Upgrade | $15

Are you looking to give your ride a spa day it won’t soon forget? Our premium ceramic soap adds a thick layer of protection without breaking the bank. Pair it with our ceramic hyperwax for a full year’s worth of protection!.

Ceramic Hyperwax Upgrade | $75

If you’re booking a package that includes a full hand wax, you might consider upgrading that to our new hyperwax! Guaranteed to provide up to 12 months of protection for your paint, it’s truly a value that can’t be beat.

Stroller/Car seat cleaning | $30

From goldfish crumbs to spilled juice, your child’s car seat has definitely seen better days. Add this service to any package for a thorough vacuum paired with a steam clean and spot treatment to make your tike’s ride as fresh as can be.

Interior Dressing | $20

If you’ve ever had someone “Armor All” your interior, you know that it can leave your plastic shiny, sticky, and gross. Think of this as steak dinner compared to Armor All’s chicken nuggets. Our dressing leaves your plastic with a matte finish that won’t attract dust.

Wheel well cleaning | $25*

Personally, we’re big Jeep fans over here, but any ride that sits up high can make it easier to see all the dirt and grime your wheel kicks up into the well and lining of your car. With this service we spend a little extra time making that hard-to-reach area a bit prettier!

Interior Disinfection | $30

With Covid shutting our world down, we’re all a little more aware of everything we have to touch. On a related note, did you know that your steering wheel is dirtier than your toilet seat? For a complete interior sanitization, add this to any package!

Never-Wet Windshield | $20

There are two things that are always true: your dog is the best dog and other people don’t know how to drive in the rain. Make your rainy days a little clearer with this professional windshield coating that lasts 6x longer than anything you get at AutoZone.

Engine Bay Detail | $40

Selling your car? Going to a car show? Just want a clean engine bay? All are completely valid reasons to add this upgrade to any of our detailing packages! We’ll completely wash and dress your engine bay to not only impress the neighbors, but make sure all the raccoons are out. 

*These prices may vary depending on the condition of the vehicle and the extra work required. We will always communicate with you if it will cost more.