5 Great Products to Keep Your Boat Clean

You just can’t help it; you take great pride in your boat. One of your favorite hobbies is taking it out for a relaxing afternoon or evening on the water. It doesn’t matter if you fish or just take in the gently bobbing waves: you can’t get enough.

However, after boating season ends, you can’t help but notice your boat’s exterior is less than appealing. Before you throw a tarp over your boat, give it a thorough clean that will have it looking shiny and new. Stumped on which products to try? Here are five great ones.

1. Overton’s Heavy-Duty Fiberglass Hull Cleaner — Do you have fiberglass exterior or interior surfaces on your boat? If so, you need to choose your cleaning products carefully. Overton’s is intended for speedy cleaning, as you just apply it, let it sit as per the bottle’s instructions, and then clean it off. You’ll notice less rust, fewer water lines, and brighter and newer-looking fiberglass.

2. Shurhold Brite Wash — Need a more all-purpose cleaner? Shurhold Brite Wash is just the product. Intended to be used on various parts of the boat, this green (in terms of environmental impact, not color) cleaner can restore the quality of paint, rubber, metal, clear coat, fiberglass, and more. Rid your boat of salt, dirt, and other grime with this cleaner, which leaves shiny wax surfaces intact.

3. Marine-Tex TE-KA Teak Wood Cleaner — If you have teakwood surfaces on your boat, much like fiberglass, not just any cleaner will do. This one from Marine-Tex is made just for teakwood. If you do a lot of fishing on your boat, the wood has no doubt been stained by grease, dirt, and possibly even fish guts and blood. This product can get rid of all traces of your fishing expeditions.

4. Meguiar’s Mirror Glaze Boat/RV Gel Wash — Another good option to have on your boat is Meguiar’s Mirror Glaze Boat/RV Gel Wash. This cleaner quickly removes all boat gunk and grime. It even gets all foamy to let you know it’s working. Made to biodegrade after use, you can feel good about your positive environmental impact and your clean boat.

5. Green Marine Thetford Marine Boat Wash — Another multipurpose cleaner, Green Marine’s product is also made to be recycled and biodegraded after use. Use it to clean stains from saltwater or freshwater. No matter which part of your boat is dirty, this product can clean it up.

Next time you think about taking your boat for a spin out on the water, take some time to give it a cleaning with these great products. All of them are easy to use and can restore that lustrous shine that makes people stare at your boat. If you are interested in having your RV, trailer, or boat detailed in the Norman, Edmond, Moore or Oklahoma City area, please call us at 405-458-4444 or request detailing service online by filling out the “Request a Quote” form on our homepage.