What’s the difference between a car wash and a detail?

A car wash, or even many “Quick Detail” shops, are focused on volume and speed. They run your car through an automated wash station with either an air or towel dry at the end. Quick detail shops may offer to vacuum or wipe down your interior as well, but they’re not focused on nooks and crevices and use inferior chemicals. There are many factors to consider here, but speed mixed with inexperienced employees can often lead to damage and missed spots.

At Chase Detailing, we’re not focused on speed and volume, but more on making sure you’re satisfied. We only schedule four to six cars per day. Each car we detail is hand washed, with a formula guaranteed not to scratch or swirl your paint, and the interior is not quickly wiped down, but properly cleaned and protected. Our goal is to get your car as close to new as we can!