Preparing Your Car for Internal Detailing

Getting your car internally detailed is a great way to make sure that your car’s interior remains in excellent shape. Regular detailing can extend the life-span of your car, increasing its resale value down the line as well as making it a more pleasurable and high-quality vehicle to drive. While detailing is the process of making sure that your car’s interior is extremely clean, there are a few things you should take care of on your own before bringing it to the detailing shop. Don’t worry – it’s not too hard! First, what is internal detailing? Here at Chase Detailing, for example, interior or interior detailing has a few steps. By the end of our most basic detailing process, we will have:

  • cleaned your windows,
  • vacuumed the interior and trunk, as well as the carpet and mats,
  • detailed the console, cup holders, doors, vents, and instruments,
  • cleaned and UV protected the interior vinyl, rubber, and plastic,
  • and cleaned the door jambs.

In addition to this basic list, our Professional Detailing package – our most popular – includes steam cleaning the carpet and mats, eliminating interior odors, plastic restoration, extra UV protection, and leather cleaning and conditioning. More advanced packages include interior fabric guarding and leather UV protection. This long list just describes what we do to the inside of your car! As you can see, no expense or inconvenience is spared to make sure your car’s interior is as spotless as can be. Many customers report that a good detailing job can make the car feel closer to brand-new than they thought possible. However, there are a few easy ways to make sure that detailing goes as smoothly as possible. One thing that all customers receiving internal detailing jobs can do is make sure that the bigger trash items are out of their cars. While we do indeed know how to throw fast food bags and Starbucks cups away, taking care of things like that before your bring your car into the shop makes our job a bit easier. Perhaps more importantly, removing all your personal items from the car is a good way to ensure that the auto techs doing your Car detailing work can reach all the spots they need to. Getting bulkier items, like booster seats for children, out of the way helps us clean your car more efficiently. Similarly, making sure that everything is out of the trunk is very important if you want the back to be vacuumed well. Especially if your car contains expensive or sensitive items, it’s worth making sure that everything inside is in your apartment, house, or garage before bringing the car into the shop. However, other than making sure that these basics are taken care of, there’s not much you need to do to prepare your car for internal detailing. Here at Chase Detailing, we pride ourselves on doing a truly great job internally detailing every vehicle that comes through our shop. If you’re in the Norman, OK area, why not schedule an appointment today?